A user develops a solution by using SPACE and uses her own time and staff to enhance/customize the solution. This is especially suited for users who are experts in the field and/or have access to local experts.

  • Traditional Scenario: Consultants and systems professionals spend a great deal of time and effort (60 to 70%) defining the problem, analyzing the problem, and preparing a rough solution sketch based on discussions with the customers.


  • SAAS Scenario: the user defines the project (S1) and quickly analyzes and creates well documented plans and solution sketches by using SPACE (S2, S3). If the user is an expert, then the user reviews and refines the results. Otherwise, the user asks a local expert/consultant to review and refine the documents.


The proposed scenario heavily relies on patterns and can be used to deliver consulting services to remotely located customers. The major benefits are:

• A dramatic decrease in time (about 60-70%), cost and failure rate.

• It can be used by businesses and governments to receive quality consulting services and educational support anywhere in the world.

• The capabilities of the system improve rapidly as more and better enriched patterns are added.

• Best practices and industry standards are embedded in patterns and are thus available to all users immediately.

• Provides continuous education and life long learning for the user community because the system is always updated with latest best practices, technology solutions, case studies, policies, etc.